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Powered by Veris, THRIVE is the ONLY complete sustainability benchmarking solution that scales up sustainability to deliver better business performance, competitive advantage and long term resilience

There is no doubt sustainability shockwaves are reverberating like never before. The food waste scandal was a warning, consumer activism is growing and the risk of reputational damage is escalating.

Sustainability practices are no longer a luxury, they are a commercial necessity. Sustainability and credible standards have become part of mainstream understanding of what it means to do good business. A growing number of CEOs recognise sustainability not as a “nice to have” but a cornerstone of business success – and this is reflected in the increasing uptake of credible sustainability standards.

But whilst third party sustainability standards can act as a guide with numerous standards across multiple business functions and multiple sites this can quickly become debilitating.

It’s clear, businesses need a new approach to sustainability if they want to not only survive, but THRIVE.

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THRIVE benchmarks against a range of leading global sustainability standards, using agile technology to ensure the minimum one point upload for the maximum output

Why Thrive?

Understand how you compare

against the global leading and most relevant standards to your business

Set your benchmark

to gain clarity on what you do well and where you want to Thrive

Understand your gaps

and more importantly prioritise them

Stay ahead of the game

with real time updates on new and updated standards, you’ll no longer be in the dark

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