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Radical Transparency: The Rise of Disruptive Consumerism


We have published ‘Radical Transparency: The Rise of Disruptive Consumerism’, in association with Cranswick to highlight the risks that food companies face if they don’t take fundamental action to address the growing consumer demand for new levels of transparency.

Being able to prove the origin of where food comes from is fast becoming a business-critical issue. As food supply chains grow more complex, consumers are setting higher expectations for food quality, safety and sustainability. As a result, the food industry is coming under increased scrutiny regarding their operations across a range of activities, from plastics packaging use through product branding to tackling food waste.

This report draws on research conducted with consumers and industry experts* to examine in detail what radical transparency might mean for the future of the food industry and its relationship with consumers. The report also highlights a series of ‘calls to action’ in terms of next steps for the industry to enable it to prepare for this forthcoming trend.

* Insights have been included from Cranswick plc, LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) and Professor Chris Elliot, OBE from Queen’s University Belfast.

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Radical Transparency

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