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THRIVE; a game-changing new performance benchmarking tool powered by Veris.

We are very excited to finally be able to share with you, our new product Thrive, a unique industry-leading, sustainability and business benchmarking tool which enables food and retail businesses to understand exactly where they can improve on sustainability and how. Thrive provides a springboard for better business performance, competitive advantage, and long-term resilience.



In light of the recent rise in consumer activism around sustainability and demand from retailers, it’s more important than ever for businesses to be transparent and take responsibility. However, it’s difficult to navigate the sustainability landscape, stay up-to-date with new developments and apply those standards that are relevant.

Thrive offers a unique online portal which highlights specific indicators for companies to complete in order to be furnished with a bespoke report on where improvements on sustainability by standard can be made. Companies are able to understand their current sustainability position within 6 weeks with the full 17 week process generating a bespoke actionable sustainability roadmap for their clients.


Thrive is unique in its ability to benchmark against a range of leading and global sustainability standards, using agile technology to ensure the minimum one point user upload for the maximum output. The result is a benchmark against a super standard, reflecting a future proof framework for ambitious businesses.

With this technology at the heart of a business, Thrive will keep businesses reactive to the changing goalposts of customer demands, ensuring they are not left behind, but Thriving in today’s market. As more and more national businesses move towards working within a global market and with people expecting business to operate in a transparent and sustainable manner, it’s increasingly important that companies know where they can make improvements. Thrive offers the chance to not only reach the standards of big clients, but create an individual future-proof operating framework for ambitious businesses. With the ever-changing sustainability landscape, Thrive is built to react to new expectations and standards, releasing updates in real time as standards enter the market or evolve.


By using Thrive, businesses will be able to gain real-time insight into how they compare against the global leading and most relevant standards to their business and customers, set benchmarks and understand where they can improve whilst staying ahead of the game with Thrive’s reactive updates.

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Contact Kate Cawley ~ kate.cawley@veris-strategies.co.uk

Thrive: https://veris-strategies.co.uk/4d-cycle/thrive/


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