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Clean Coffee Zone- Update

On the 20th of February, Canary Wharf launched their first ever coffee waste initiative, aptly named ‘Wake Up and Smell The Coffee’, making the entire 128 acre Canary Wharf Estate a ‘ Clean Coffee Zone ‘.

Our specialist engagement team powered the 5 day launch event, raising awareness of the initiative and drumming up support from retailers and the public.

After only the first two weeks of the initiative, the positive impact of the clean coffee zone is evident:

12650 cups recycled to make new products such as office supplies, benches and new paper cups.

2.48 Tonnes of coffee grounds recycled into biomass pellets and briquettes, a renewable heat source.

With the coffee cups and grounds combined, the initiative has already saved over 17.05 Tonnes of Co2 savings. This is enough energy to power an average sized house for 479 days.

If we continue at this rate, by this time next year we could save 443.3 Tonnes of Co2! This is enough energy to power an average sized house for just over 34 years!

We are working beyond the launch event with Canary Wharf Group to ensure the momentum continues.


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