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Our Team

20 or so strategists, thinkers, doers, operational extraordinaires, number crunchers and creatives beating to the same drum: doing well by doing good.

We’re small, deliberately so, driven and passionate about helping businesses uncover their sustainability dream and find their brand integrity. We have a diverse bunch of skills between us and dare we say, harbour a few ‘millennials’ amidst our crowd. We work with like-minded partners and agencies to complete the full sustainability journey; from strategy and activation through to storytelling and platform creation.

The Board

Jon Cawley


Simon Platt

Managing Director

Kate Cawley

Creative Director

Tony Goodman


Strategy & Digital

Mandy Jacob

Head of Client Communications

Laura Anker

Senior Programme Delivery Lead

Andy Moore

Programme Delivery Lead

Stuart Goodman

Client Engagement Manager

Ellen Buckingham

Digital Engagement Manager

Ben Johnstone

Thrive Product Manager

Murray Gray

Strategy, Research & Innovation Lead

Michael Mortune

Engagement Specialist

Operations & Technical

Sam Davies

Contract Manager

Brett McKee

Senior Contracts Manager

Louise Hodgson

Finance Manager

Hayley Juhasz

Senior Client Services Coordinator

Alannah Saunders

Office Manager

Anita Pithawa

Client Services Coordinator

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