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4D Cycle

At Veris, it’s never been enough for us to simply please our clients. We want to inspire them and that extends through our delivery tactics powered by our 4D Cycle™ programme. We have experience in what works with different audiences but we’re constantly refining these ideas, pushing them to be bigger and better.

Our innovative impact tools go through usability testing, research and continuous development. We know that our communications need to be as useful as they are beautiful to have the biggest possible impact on your stakeholders.

Wherever you are based, our team will work with you to help identify and realise the opportunities that exist in your operations to make both financial savings and environmental improvements through new efficiency measures and first to market opportunities. Our integrated 4D Cycle™ programme  offers a comprehensive insight into strategic action for long-term growth; mobilising the design and activation of a market leading stretch vision and delivery plan bespoke to your business.

The 4D Cycle

1. Discover

Benchmarking Sustainability

Finding the ‘white space’ helps recognise future growth opportunities and strategic sustainability potential. Our unique Thrive benchmarking tool provides a truly global perspective by benchmarking your business against the leading global sustainability standards specific to your industry. Providing clarity against a compliance position to the leadership space, our Discovery stage defines your position, identifies hot spots and performance gaps to generate a clear framework to prioritise your efforts where you need them most.

  • Impact benchmarking (environment/social/governance/economy)
  • Clarity of direction
  • Prioritisation tool
  • 'White space' gap assessment against the leading Global accreditations
  • Hotspot analysis
  • Activate path towards a circular business model

2. Dream

The Engagement Gap & Stakeholder Materiality

Once we’ve understood where you are on your sustainability journey, now it’s time to understand where you want to go and how fast! The overriding goal of this stage is to intensify stakeholder dialogue, with the aim of gathering specific opinions, expectations and ideas, and considering these in relation to your business operations. We want to help you gauge a better understanding of the impacts of current or future global challenges on your stakeholders, and to help to manage these by finding and developing effective solutions.

Via a suite of creative engagement activities from survey analytics, Mega Trend market intelligence mapping, digital engagement tools, interactive roundtables and independent reviews, you will start to see a range of benefits from taking an active role in sustainability-related initiatives and alliances at stakeholder level. By engaging from the start in debates on specific topics, such as climate change, and facilitating broader platforms that promote dialogue and discussion on sustainability will empower you to start the engine on your sustainability journey by generating real traction from the grass roots up.

  • Sustainability and purpose ambition mapping
  • Stakeholder materiality assessment and engagement categorisation
  • Key influencers and leadership team valuation
  • Engagement gap polling & focus groups
  • Global Mega Trends Insight: consumer, customer, competitor

3. Design

Building your Roadmap

By understanding where you are and where you want to go, will empower a plan to deliver the HOW. Using all of the insight and user experiences to date, we will co-create a bespoke roadmap designed to deliver clarity against the new strategy with clearly defined milestones by priority area that takes all stakeholders with you on the journey; to work as one, with everyone owning the part they will play.

Working with the leadership team and key stakeholders we can create a clear, inspiring strategic narrative to underpin the new sustainability strategy, including a set of corporate sustainability values to guide and drive behavioural change by closing the ‘engagement gap’ by stakeholder group.

  • Visualisation strategy
  • Internal/External activation plan
  • Storytelling & gamification
  • Awareness build
  • Roadmap design & build
  • Content development
  • Knowledge share and recognition
  • Print, Social & digital strategy

4. Delivery

Activating Results

Your new sustainability strategy can be introduced through a series of facilitated events, together with printed and digital communication and creative engagement tools to support managers as they engage their teams. We will establish a system of continuous improvement – training managers to hold team action conversations that allow them to align local goals and objectives, follow up on progress, celebrate success stories and share best practise to leverage across global platforms.

By engaging and involving those at the ‘sharp’ end of the business, a sense of ownership and momentum will start to build at the very grass roots of your business driving remarkable results within the space of a few months.

Accelerating Progress

Keeping the momentum going and moving at pace is all part of the Delivery support at Veris, and providing business intelligence and relevant sustainability insights is a key area of expertise for us. It’s this understanding of shifts, movements and ‘Mega Trends’ that tests and shapes your sustainability progress and keeps you ahead of the pack.

Our Global Insights Team via our Distillery insight series brings this deep understanding to one space and you can sign up for monthly bulletins, delivered straight to your inbox.


Working across our unique 4D Cycle™  framework will ensure you can substantiate who you are as a business and crucially how you do business in a truly robust and authentic way. The beauty of our 4D Cycle is just that – a continuous improvement model that enables you measure, manage and reset priorities year on year, step by step.

Contact us if you’d like to discuss how we can help reset your sustainability plan and rediscover your purpose.

  • Strategy mobilisation and implementation
  • Cost efficiencies
  • Stakeholder communications
  • Analytics & performance evaluation
  • Customer collaborations
  • Environmental impact reduction
  • Employee engagement
  • Strategic partnership development
  • Annual reporting
  • Aligned for leadership

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